• Wilderness International Kindergarten Western District

    Wilderness International Kindergarten , Western District

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Ground Floor, Po Tak Mansion, 85 Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

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School Description

Hong Kong’s boutique centre of Early Years learning, Wilderness was envisioned, founded, designed to support play based, child centred learning. The centre implements the very best in Early Childhood Practice and our dedicated staff members are also highly trained Professionals inspired by the world-renowned Reggio Emilia Educational Project. A Wilderness education ensures children’s senses of belonging, being and becoming are fully celebrated through the development of identity, wellbeing and communication
as well as making connections, contributions and becoming confident and involved in their learning and the world around them. Bespoke programs of Learning and Childhood Development, within the ‘homelike’ setting of our early childhood spaces, questioning, play and inquiry play a central role in meaningful learning opportunities as children explore new media, skills, and ideas. Our ‘WilderKids’ learn and play outside. Daily. Contrary to traditional notions of the teacher’s role as a teller of information, our degree holding educators perform the roles of guide, facilitator, and provocateur. We believe and know that a teacher’s ability to listen and observe her children is a foundational component of guided inquiry learning and enriched development.