Taxis can be found everywhere and at the taxi pick up points located in convenient areas. Taxis are regulated and required to display both their car numbers and names on the dashboard. Most taxi drivers understand the English names for major streets, hotels, and numbers. Anything more complicated could be a problem. Having your destination written in Chinese characters can help.

At night a lighted roof dome indicates availability; in daytime a red “for hire” flag on the dashboard can be seen at a distance. Off-duty or pre-booked taxis will display an “Out of service” sign.

Taxis in Hong Kong are relatively inexpensive; a trip from Central to Mid-Levels costs approximately $18.00-$35.00. A trip from Mid-Levels to the airport will cost approximately $500. Drivers do not give small change. If the fare is $18.20, the driver will most likely give you $1 or $1.50 change from $20. Tipping in the form of rounding up is common practice; a larger tip is discretionary. You will also incur additional expenses if you use the trunk of the taxi to store your luggage HK$5, as well as extra charges for tunnel tolls.

Taxis come in different colours, indicating the area they are allowed to service.

  • Red Hong Kong Island and Kowloon
  • Green New Territories
  • Blue Lantau Island

Booking a Taxi

If you are home and wish to call a taxi, this is easily done; there is a $5 taxi booking surcharge. Please note that taxis are sometimes difficult to get during rush hour and during rainy periods.

24-Hour Reservation Hotline Hong Kong Tel: 2398 1881
Kowloon Tel: 2760 0411
New Territories Tel: 2657 2267

Wing Tai Radio Taxi Tel: 2861 1011
Areas covered: Hong Kong Island.

Wi Fat Taxi Owner Association Hong Kong Island
Tel: 2861 1008
Areas covered: Hong Kong and Kowloon.
Radio Taxi (Booking) Services

Radio Taxi (Booking) Services raternity Public Car Radio Centre
Tel: 2527 6324
Areas covered: Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Taxi App Download the taxi app to your phone for a convienient way to book a cab.


Old-fashioned double-decker street trams run parallel to the harbour on Hong Kong Island from Kennedy Town (west) to Shau Kei Wan (east), while one spur goes to Happy Valley. These hundred-year-old streetcars are the least expensive way to go short distances in Hong Kong. The tram costs around HKD$2.60 for adults and HKD$1.30 for children, you can pay by Octopus card or cash – pay the correct fare, as no change is given. Trams run from 6 a.m. to midnight. For further information:

HK Tramways Limited Tel: 2548 7102

Travel Agents Registry
Travel Agents Registry

Hong Kong is the gateway to China and the hub of Asia as well as a route to all major airports around the globe. Hong Kong Government established the Travel Agents Registry and it is responsible for the administration of the Travel Agents Ordinance whose aim is to raise the standard of the trade through regulation of the travel agents operating in Hong Kong. They aim to protect the interest of outbound travellers and the inbound visitors and enhance the reputation of Hong Kong as a tourist friendly city. Their web site provides a list of all the licensed travel agents in Hong Kong

Tel: 3151 7945