Pre-Departure Checklist

To help relieve any moving anxieties you may have, we have created a checklist to recommend items you should prepare prior to your move. This list is not all-inclusive and might not be applicable to everyone.


  • Apply for passports, visas, work permits, etc.; remember that extra photos may be needed.
  • Obtain copies of and update vaccinations for you and your family, if applicable.
  • Obtain copies of birth certificates, adoption papers, marriage license, and divorce decree, etc.
  • Arrange for renewal of home automobile licenses and obtain an international driver’s license, if possible.
  • Assign power of attorney, if necessary.
  • Check insurance policies, wills, tax records, stocks, house deeds, etc.
  • Provide spouse’s employer with change of address form for tax purposes.
  • Inquire if originals or translations of the required documents are needed.
  • Schedule interview with company tax provider, as applicable.
  • Schedule appointments for passport photos for all family members.


  • Prepare your property (make necessary repairs) and arrange for either sale of your home or a property management service, or exit lease arrangements if renting.
  • Schedule final move date.
  • Decide what to take in your sea shipment. Arrange storage for what you are leaving behind.
  • Appraise and inventory your household goods.
  • Schedule visual survey with your transportation counselor.
  • Mail/email completed valued inventory to your transportation counselor.
  • Check voltage compatibility in destination country for appliances.
  • Donate unwanted items to charity or plan a garage sale.
  • Cancel utilities (electricity, water, gas, telephone, cable).
  • Cancel other contracts such as gym or other club memberships and cell phone contracts.
  • Cancel newspapers, monthly magazine subscriptions, and milk delivery.
  • Arrange for mail forwarding service to new address or mail box for very important documents.
  • Arrange temporary living accommodations at home and host locations, if needed.


  • Sell or store vehicle or motorcycle.
  • Confirm title and registration is correct and current.


  • Discuss International benefits and/or enroll in the approved medical plan through your Human Resources representative.
  • Schedule family physicals, inoculations, dental checkups and eye examinations.
  • Obtain family medical records and arrange for translations, if needed. Stock up on special dietary needs, commonly used over the counter drugs and/or prescriptions (if likely unavailable in host country).
  • Inquire the generic name for prescriptions.
  • Purchase extra prescription eyeglasses or contacts.

In order to help prepare you for your new country of residence, we have highlighted a few useful websites for you to review prior to your move.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information found on these websites.

Embassies Worldwide
Directory and search engine for the world’s embassies and consulates.

The official website of the World Health Organization
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA – their mission to promote quality of life by preventing and controlling disease.

Pre-Departure Checklist


  • Obtain directory of overseas schools.
  • Check on and select appropriate schools (arrange visit during home search trip).
  • Arrange for transfer of school records.
  • Obtain extra copies of school records (arrange for translation, if needed).


  • Check health regulations governing entry into host country.
  • Obtain medical and vaccination records or papers.
  • Obtain quarantine requirements and procedures.
  • Secure import permits or visas, if required, along with photo.
  • Purchase an appropriate shipping crate or arrange pet shipping company.


  • Check on host country’s monetary system.
  • Obtain foreign currency for use upon arrival.
  • Help ensure that charge accounts may be used abroad/obtain PIN (personal identification numbers) for use in automated teller machines.
  • Check with home bank about overseas branches and/or affiliates.
  • Check home bank’s policy on inactive accounts.
  • Stop paper statements and arrange for e-banking access.
  • Obtain overseas bank account or local bank account in host location providers.
  • Notify voter registration and obtain absentee ballots.
  • Cancel home insurance policy, as applicable.


  • Buy a language dictionary.
  • Plan a family orientation with your Destination Consultant and talk to your children about their new home.


  • Schedule property and school tours with your Destination Consultant.
  • Make airline, car rental and applicable hotel reservations for final move.


  • Notify friends and relatives of new address.
  • Notify magazines, creditors, banks, insurers, etc. of change of address or cancellation.

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