What to Bring?

Your company’s moving policy will determine how much you can bring. Because the shipment of household goods is prohibitively expensive, most companies limit their employees to a certain weight allowance. Typically, you will be allowed to ship 1,000-4,000 lbs., although some companies provide for no allowance other than what you can carry with you on the plane while a few companies set no limit whatsoever.

Moving companies that specialize in international moves can provide specific current information on international import regulations. Other questions may be directed to the customs officer of your country’s consulate.

Everything is available in Hong Kong, for a price.

Very few things are cheaper in Hong Kong than they are in your home country. The exception perhaps, is custom-made furniture, including rosewood furniture.

Hong Kong runs on 220/200 volts and 50 cycles. That may be different from your voltage and cycles at home. Voltage transformers can be brought; however, to prevent the transformer wearing out the motor in the appliance, we recommend that you purchase all of your appliances in Hong Kong.

What to Bring

In some instances (especially in high-rise apartments), there may be terms in the House Rules restricting the keeping of dogs and cats.

Tenants should check the House Rules, if there are any, to clarify this issue before signing the tenancy agreement.

Consider Bringing

  • Prescription drugs (three-month supply).
  • For men and women with feet larger than size ten and eight, respectively, stock up on shoes before you come. Options are limited.

Don’t Bring

  • Don’t bring your TV, DVD or VCR. Hong Kong uses a broadcast system, PAL, which is based on the British/European system.
  • Most properties come with large appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines; these can be purchased if required.
  • Be aware of the climate in Hong Kong when packing your clothes.