Electricity & Electrical Appliances

The Hong Kong Electric Company Limited (HEC) supplies electricity to Hong Kong Island and Ap Lei Chau Island and Lamma Island. All other areas have electricity provided by China Light and Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP), Kowloon, New Territories including Lantau Island and Cheung Chau.

The Hong Kong Electric Company Ltd. Tel: +852 2887 3411
24-Hour Emergency Services
Tel: 2555 4000

China Light and Power (CLP) Hong Kong Limited Customer Service Tel: 2678 2678

Electricity Supply / Voltage

Hong Kong has a 200/220 volts, 50-cycle electricity supply. That may be different from your voltage and cycles at home. The plug socket in Hong Kong is a rectangular three–pin type, common with UK sockets. Adapters and transformers are available.

Electric Appliance Stores

There are a vast number of Electrical appliance stores in Hong Kong, here are a just a few:

Broadway Tel: 3144 1889
A number of stores Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories

Fortress Tel: 2555 5788
A number of stores Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories

Electricity & Electrical Appliances


Gas is provided by Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd. However older apartments may require bottle gas (LPG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas, appointments are easily set up through the local recommended supplier. The developments management team, landlord or your property agent will be able to provide information.

Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd (Town Gas)

G/F, 59-65 Paterson Street
Causeway Bay

Tel: 2367 2708
Customer Service Tel: 2880 6988
Emergency Hotline: 2880 6999
Meter-Reading Reporting Hotline: 2880 5522
Opening hours: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

TV Channels

TV Channels

Hong Kong only has a few free TV channels that are broadcasted in English. However, there are some subscription networks that are available.

Now TV Now TV offers many channels and on demand movie services to subscribers. It also broadcast many football/soccer leagues like the Barclays Premier League. Tel: +852 2888-0008

HK Expat TV HK Expat TV provides UK & Premium Sport TV live or on demand with current British channels but does not have movies. Tel: +852 3678-6730

UKTVHongKong UKTVHongKong enables you to watch all your favorite British TV channels, as if you were watching back home in Great Britain. Utilizing a small, modern, easy to use, remote control set top box is simple and inexpensive solution. Tel: +852 9013-7203 Email: sales@uktvhongkong.com

i-Cable i-Cable is another subscription network available but does not have on demand services. Tel: +852 1832-832 Email: cs@i-cable.com


Hong Kong Broadband Network

Hong Kong Broadband is widely used by locals, with stable signal to the Internet.
Hotline Tel: 128 100
Email: HKBNbroadband@hkbn.net

Air Purifiers

Air pollution has long been the metropolitan problem all over the world, attributable to the roadside emissions coming from commercial diesel vehicles and pollutants on congested roads between tall buildings creating a “street canyon effect”. Air purification systems are thus your friends to provide you and your family with clean air at home.

Renaud Air Renaud Air offers packages which facilitate air purification to every room of your sweet home with discounts. A free indoor air quality assessment can be launched by calling +852.5804.4760. On-site delivery is available while you are mostly welcome to have a view on products at show room addressed below. You will be amazed by its diversity of models. The two representative series include Alen Air Purifiers and Blueair Purifiers.

Blueair Purifiers Specifically designed for different room size, Blueair Purifier 203, 403 and 503 systems can be used for room of 240 sq. ft (22 m²), 365 sq. ft (34 m²) and 580 sq. ft (54 m²) respectively. The Blueair were also designed to be incredibly energy efficient, consuming about as much power as a single light bulb on average

4/F, Yat Fat Building
44 – 46 Des Voeux Road
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 5804 4760

Alen Air Purifiers The new Alen Air Purifier offers a modern look with all of the air purification power you’d expect from Alen. No longer do you have to compromise attractive design for performance. It can effectively clean a 495 sq. ft (46 m²) area while running quietly, so you’ll sleep undisturbed by fan noise and wake up refreshed.

IQ Air http://www.iqair.com.hk

Fridge based water filters

Brita filtration
Brita water containers and filters can be purchased at Wing On Department Store, City Super or online.
Tel: +852 2543-2326
Fax: +852 2543-4620
Email: linptner@netvigator.com

Fridge based water filters


Water Supply The Water Supplies Department of the HKSAR Government provides water to all residents on Hong Kong Island. The water meets standards set by the World Health Organization.

Water Quality Water in Hong Kong is safe to drink as it meets World Health Organization criteria. However, the major problem in older buildings can be old water pipes that generate sediment. Water purifiers and filters are the simplest solution.

Water Supplies Department Customer Inquiry Centre
48/F Immigration Tower
7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 2824 5000

Water filtration and purification machines

Life Solutions Life Solutions specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of filtration and purification machines. Life Solutions provides systems for both potable water as well as systems for washing water. They have stand-alone units and units which will attach to the existing piping in your kitchen.
Tel: 2277 5665
Email: enquiry@lifesolution.com.hk

Water delivery

Swire Bonaqua "Bonaqua" mineralized water is bottled water owned by Swire Coca-Cola HK, the leading ready-to-drink beverage provider in Hong Kong. You can also purchase water and they will deliver any of the Coca-Cola suite of drink products at the same time, which is convenient.
Tel: +852 2210 3311
E-mail: Info_bonaqua.carboy@swirebev.com

Life Solutions Tel: 2778 3282

Watsons Water Watsons Water is the largest manufacturer of pure distilled water in the world. They will deliver the carboys to your home and you can rent an external tank which provides hot and cold water
Tel: +852 2660-6688

Natural Springs Australia Tel: 2484 1393

Water Dispenser Companies

Watson's Distilled Water Tel: 2660 6688

Bonaqua Water Tel: 2210 3311

Life Solutions Tel: 2277 5665

Natural Springs Australia Tel: 2484 1388