Hong Kong is home to many boutique furniture shops both in shopping malls and markets. Ap Lei Chau is home to Horizon Plaza –The largest warehouse in Hong Kong, most furniture shops have a retail outlet here.

Altfield Home 249 Prince’s Building Central
Tel: 2537 6370
Chinese Furniture.

GOD – "Goods of Desire" 2/F Leighton Centre
Sharp Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2890 5555

OVO G/F 1 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 2527 6088
Custom made furniture option.

IKEA B/L, Park Lane Hotel, 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 3125 0888

Tree 28/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
Tel: 2870 1582

Indigo 6/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
Tel: 2555 0540

Tequila Kola 1/F Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street
Tequila Kola
Ap Lei Chau
Tel: 2877 3295

2nd Chance Furniture Previously owned furniture
Tuen Mun, New Territories
Tel: 2496 1222

Home Essentials G/F, 22 Elgin Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2870 1400

MUJI L3, Lee Theatre Plaza
99 Percival Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2808 0622

Shambala Furniture Warehouse 2/F Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street
Ap Lei Chau
Tel: 2555 2997

Inside 12/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
Tel: 2873 1795

If you purchase large furniture, you can contact one of these providers to help you arrange pick-up and delivery to your home:

Shing Kee Tel: 3666 5555

Easy Van Tel: 2723 0000

Gogo Vans Tel: 3590 3399

Good Care Movers Tel: 2326 3600

The best way to find affordable furniture is to purchase it from other expatriates who are leaving Hong Kong. The most popular sites for sourcing these deals are:

Asia Xpat

Facebook Group Swap-it-HK

Send a request to the administrator of the group. Or, a current member can add you to the group.

To purchase inexpensive furniture for a Helper’s room look at:



Does made to order inexpensive wood furniture including multi-functional bunk beds.

living room

Deborah Oppenheimer

'Debbie' has been in Hong Kong and executing residential interiors for over 20 years. She is South African and in her early 50’s so will understand the expat well. She has an office in Wong Chuk Hang and team of about 6 people. What we like about Debbie is that she will take time to understand your look/design aesthetic rather than super-imposing her preferred style on a client. No two of her clients have homes that ever look the same, which is an accolade to her talent. She has a very developed sense of color and tone. Overall, her looks are very sophisticated. You will see on her website that she has carried out some overseas commissions, which are largely Hong Kong executives who have relocated and had Debbie continue with them in her new locations, which is a testament to the relationship which she builds with her clients.
Unit C, 21/F Derrick Industrial Building
49 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2552-8029
Tel: +852 2552-8029

Annabel Temple of Temple and Rose

Annabel has been in Hong Kong for 25 years and launched Temple & Rose in 1993. She is a New Zealander and was trained in the UK at the KLC School of Design, London. One of her more recent residences that required refurbishment was over 8,000 sq ft and she was a delight for our team to work with to pull the house together. Annabel has:

Extensive experience in creating spaces that work and specializes in residential design (both soft furnishings and renovations).
Access to a wide range of suppliers and can offer custom-made items and items off the shelf.
A very close relationship with Altfield Interiors in HK who have the widest range of fabrics and furniture lines in Asia.
All the fabric samples of the de Le Cuona range from Europe which has a beautiful range of fabrics and soft furnishings.
Tel: +852 9031-5387

Nicole Cromwell

Nicole is English and is a long-term Hong Kong resident, too. She is in her mid-40s. From her website you will see that she has been well published in many local design periodicals.

Tel: +852 2521-9299
Fax: +852 2358-3799

Louise Harris

Louise Harris offers a personal and unique service, from designing and making cushions right through to managing and planning whole houses including curtains, blinds and a special focus on styling and the organizing of rooms. There are plenty of galleries showing interiors and cushions designed by her and her website gives a good illustration.

Tel: +852 9424-0634 (HK) +44 7920-044-199(UK)

Nathalie Edwards

Originally from Holland, she grew up in South Africa and began work in the fashion industry creating brands and developing a variety of businesses. She then decided to start free lancing in interior design and gained exposure in the high-end residential market in Cape Town, South Africa. Nathalie then moved to Hong Kong in 2005 to set up Life Styling Ltd – Interior Design.

17/F, Carfield Commercial Building
77 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2521-2772
Mobile: +852 6101-1272

Debra Little

Debra Little managed the interior design department of an Australian based architectural firm in Hong Kong for 8 years, covering a diverse range of interior project work. The company handled commercial, retail, and entertainment projects throughout Asia and also established a specialist hospitality interior design division to handle hotel and high-end residential project work in Hong Kong and China. She also opened Deem, a mid-century Chinese furniture shop on Hollywood Road.

2/F, 5N Bowen Road,
Mid Levels, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 9054-1340