Domestic Pets

Although the majority of the people in Hong Kong live in apartments, many people do have household pets. However, be mindful that owning a pet in Hong Kong may limit the housing options available to you; it is recommended that you advise your property agent before you begin your property search.

Many expatriates in Hong Kong keep pets: either family pets that have been brought to Hong Kong, or animals that have been acquired after the family arrives. If you plan to spend time in a furnished temporary apartment, it is virtually impossible to find one that will allow pets. So if you want to avoid an extended kennel stay for your pet, find a neighbor or friend at home who is willing to keep your pet until you are settled here in your permanent apartment. The fact that some apartments are small may limit your choice of animal.

If you would like to secure a pet, read the notices displayed on supermarket bulletin boards. Many well-loved animals are available for adoption from families moving to other countries. It is wise to muzzle your dog when going for walks as some park areas have poisonous baits set for pest control purposes.

Another excellent source is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), a charity which provides for abandoned, abused, lost and stray animals. They also have an “adopt-a-pet” program. For more information, consult their website: In general, we do not recommend purchasing pets from the many pet-shops or stalls—most are weaned too early, undernourished, severely ill and possibly mistreated. They often die in their early months and after many costly vet interventions.

Domestic Pets

Hong Kong Dog Rescue
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty.

Animals (SPCA) Hong Kong Tel: 2711 1000
24-Hour Tel: 2802 0501
Veterinary Service, Adoption

Import / Export a Pet

For domestic pets such as cats and dogs, importing them to Hong Kong can be relatively easy. Each country has its own stringent regulations to check. A quarantine period might be required, as well as necessary health certification from a qualified veterinarian.

Veterinary Health Certificate. Issued not more than 14 days before the departure of the animal. To verify the animal is fit to travel, has no contagious diseases and not more than 4 months pregnant.

Residence Certificate. Verifies the animal has been continuously residing in the country of origin for six months, or since birth. Also certifies there has been no report of rabies in the country for those 6 months.

Rabies Vaccination Certificate. Certificate that lists full details of all vaccines given to the animal, proving that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies within the required time frame.

For more information on specific country requirements contact the Agriculture and Fisheries Department.

Agriculture & Fisheries Department

Tel: 2708 8885

To ease the exportation process, you may want to hire a Pet Relocation agency.

Export-a-Pet Tel: 2358 1774

Ferndale Kennels and Cattery Tel: 2791 9330

Pet Grooming/Supplies

There are many pet grooming supplies and services throughout Hong Kong.

Stanley Pet Station Tel: 2813 7979
Grooming Services.

Pet Pet Tel: 2669 9940
Grooming services in a mobile van.

Wise Pet Tel: 2652 2337