Double-decker buses and new single-decker buses stop at designated bus stops on major thoroughfares throughout Hong Kong. A red background to the number on the front means the bus is a Cross-Harbour Tunnel bus. The procedure is to use your Octopus card or pay the fare in correct change into a collection box when boarding.

New World First Bus Tel: 2136 8888
(HK Island routes)

Kowloon Motor Bus Tel: 2745 4466
(Kowloon and N.T. routes)

Citybus Tel: 2873 0818
(HK, Kowloon, N.T. routes)


Minibuses can carry up to 16 people. There are two types of minibuses available:

Red-topped minibus routes are not always fixed, but passengers can get on and off anywhere they like. To do so passengers need to call out to the driver, when they approach the area they wish to alight. Generally speaking the red-topped minibuses are faster and more convenient.

Green-topped minibuses have a set route and specific fares. Again passengers need to call out to the driver when they approach the stop they wish to alight. Octopus cards and cash, is accepted as payment.